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At Leech Law Offices, we are dedicated to representing people in civil and criminal matters. In civil matters, we focus particularly on used car fraud and new car Lemon Law claims. The firm, formerly known as the Consumer & Employment Law Center of Wisconsin, was established by Attorney Gordon Leech in 2010 to fight for Wisconsin consumers against fraud, deceptive acts and practices.

We provide legal counsel in matters before they rise to the level of a lawsuit to discuss legal rights and options with and without litigation. For matters that must be handled through litigation, we carefully select our cases based on the merits of the claim and an evaluation of the client. We focus on quality, rather than quantity of cases. This helps us get better results for each client along the way.

Geographically, we are licensed in Wisconsin and handle cases throughout the state, including Milwaukee, Madison, West Bend, Green Bay, Racine, Kenosha, and surrounding communities on a regular basis.

Telephone (262) 247-0080 / (414) 431-1920