Wisconsin’s Lemon Law Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice and Nonconformity Report MV2691

Wisconsin’s Lemon Law requires a consumer to initiate a lemon law claim for a defective car by filing a form, the MV2691, with the manufacturer. I have a sample of that form below, and the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles has it available in a .doc (Word) file on its website here.

There are deadlines that you must meet. The period for determining whether the car falls within the lemon law is only the 1st year in service. However, a consumer can bring, and must bring, a lemon law lawsuit within 36 months of the date of first delivery of the car to a consumer. So you must initiate the lemon law claim with the manufacturer with sufficient time to meet this 36-months deadline to file a lemon law lawsuit with the courts in Wisconsin.

In my blog post, How to file a Lemon Law claim in Wisconsin on your defective new car or vehicle, I talk about steps to take to initiate the process to enforcing your lemon law rights.

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