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Notifying the Wisconsin DMV When You Sell Your Vehicle - It’s Required

When selling your vehicle to another individual, Wisconsin now requires you to submit a Notice of Sale to the state DMV. This is required when you sell or transfer your vehicle to another individual, but not required when you trade or sell your vehicle to a dealer or entity like a corporation.

You should submit this form so the state has notice that you no longer own the vehicle. This may avoid problems that can arise when the buyer does not submit the title transfer or delays submitting it. You don’t want the state and local agencies sending you parking tickets and the like because the buyer failed to transfer title. 

And always take your plates off the vehicle you sell. Never leave the plates on the vehicle for the buyer to use. Those plates are registered in your name to that vehicle. When you don’t own the vehicle, you don’t want your name associated with it in any manner.

Wisconsin DMV form MV2928 is the required Seller Notification form to complete. You must submit this formwithin 30 days of the sale. There are options to submit the form online and by mail.

To view the DMV’s webpage on the required notice, download the form or to complete it online, you can follow this link to the Wisconsin DMV website.

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