Used Car Fraud

Buying a car is difficult even with an honest car salesperson and dealer. When you are buying from a dishonest salesperson or dealer, it can be a nightmare.

Car dealers can take a wrecked car that should be salvaged and make it look like new. If the dealer does not conspicuously disclose this type of damage to you, and you buy the car , you have become a victim of a particular type of fraud perpetrated by the dealer. Sometimes the damage is less than what it takes to consider the car salvage, but enough that it causes you a lot of problems soon after you buy it. This kind of fix-up-and-sell can also be a fraud on the consumer without proper disclosures. Dealers have even gone so far as to replace odometers or spin them so the mileage that shows on the odometer is a lot less than the true mileage. When old-car-problems start on a car with low mileage, this can be an indication of odometer tampering.

“Check Engine” lights can suddenly appear on the drive home or within a few days. This can mean that the dealer was aware of a mechanical defect or condition and reset the car’s computer to cause the check engine light to go off for a period of time until the condition code reappears, which is typically after you have driven the car off the lot. Some very unsrupulous dealers may use a marker or tape to cover up a warning light on the dash. These are all unlawful, deceptive acts and practices.

Wisconsin and Federal law provide remedies for consumers subjected to a car dealer’s unlawful practices. 

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