How to file a Lemon Law claim in Wisconsin on your defective new car or vehicle

In a different blog post, I talk about what vehicles are covered by Wisconsin’s lemon law. In this post, I talk about how to start your lemon law claim with the manufacturer.

Wisconsin has a two to three step process for pursuing a lemon law claim. It starts with filing the claim with the manufacturer, possibly a non-binding arbitration, and then if your claim is still not resolved, filing a lawsuit in with the courts.

There are deadlines that you must meet. The period for determining whether the car falls within the lemon law is only the 1st year in service. However, a consumer can bring, and must bring, a lemon law lawsuit within 36 months of the date of first delivery of the car to a consumer. So you must initiate the lemon law claim with the manufacturer with sufficient time to meet this 36-months deadline to file a lemon law lawsuit with the courts in Wisconsin.

To file a Wisconsin lemon law claim with the manufacturer, you must use the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice and Noncomformity Report form (MV2691). In the form, you indicate whether you want the manufacturer to replace the vehicle or provide you a refund. You must fill out the form completely and send it to the manufacturer at the address indicated in your owner’s manual. To document your request, you should consider sending the form to the manufacturer by certified delivery or other method where you can show the fact of delivery and the date.

In my blog post, Wisconsin’s Lemon Law Motor Vehicle Notice and Nonconformity Report MV2691, I have a copy of hte form and a link to Wisconsin’s DMV for you to download a form-fillable version of the MV2691.

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